Team First

Team first is not just mere word for us. It is the way we lead our lives at CROSS BERRY each day. One of our strongest powers is the diversity of our team and the rich experience that they bring across varied skills, backgrounds and cultures. What binds all CROSS BERRIAN together is the common thread called values in action. We believe in nurturing our team and ensuring their growth, along with the growth of the company. Our team and business are two faces of a same coin. They are responsible for having taken our company to the heights that it has scaled and are preparing them for it’s another big leap.

  • Cross Berry Pharma has ambitious plans for the year ahead.
  • Cross Berry Pharma has a team of qualified PMT and it is the real power behind the house which will penetrate in the chambers of Doctor with its educational paradigm.
  • The company is known by its working culture, employee satisfaction and educational management in terms of CME’s and Direct Review Article and study Services provided to the Doctors.

Our Values

Ethics and performance are our values and they continuously guide us to achieve our mission and vision.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business.
  • Provide products and services of the highest quality.
  • Practice dignity and equity in relationships and provide opportunities. For our people to realise their full potential.
  • Be a responsible corporate house.