Success Aid

A step ahead of Forward.........

Dear Team Mates,

Welcome To Cross Berry Pharma

A Dream !!

A Vision !!

A Passion !!

To be pioneer in service, commitment and efforts and to make a golden place in the heart of our customer.....because we believe that,

Above All Serving Huminity !

And we have to play a major role in augmenting the quality of service and create a new story in this huge Pharmaceutical Industry.

As we all are acquainted that communication plays an imperative role in our profession, which provides an augmented power and energy to achieve success.

Therefore “Success Aid” is made to provide you a focussed, straight and one line communication of company’s brands with market leading brands, molecules and competitor status.

It will really help you to convert the doctors and you will be aware of the strategy of those companies. You can discuss the doctors more confidently and boldly.

We are confident that all of us will bring success and faith for our organisation and prove ourselves as a true CROSS BERRIAN!

Detailing “An Art”


  • The one and only purpose of detailing is to make doctor prescribe our brands even in our absence.


  • To convince the doctor about brands with the help of Literature or Visual Aid/Power Point presentations.

Usefulness of Detailing to make doctor prescribe our brands:

  • Brand name is repeated several times so that brand name is remembered by the Doctor.
  • Indications / diseases are also repeated, so when the Doctor sees the case of such disease he remembers our brand.
  • USP’s are also detailed to the Doctor in comparison to competitor brands in order to get the prescription of the Doctor.

Importance of Prepared Detailing:

  • A structured and a clarity full detailing is called as a prepared detailing.
  • Feature
  • Advantage
  • Benefits
  • Economy also matters a lot
  • Prepared Detailing saves Doctor precious time.
  • Achieves communication objective in short duration of time.
  • Ensures Audio-Visual Synchronization.
  • Confidence and Conviction.
  • Cool and soft smile on face

Ways to make Detailing more Effective:

  • Text must be through
  • Meaning of given text must be clear.
  • One must know what is written where.
  • Maintain Eye-contact with doctor.
  • Use pen as a pointer , and do not move it on Visual Aid.
  • Hold Visual Aid at Doctor Eye Level, so that Doctor can see and read the text clearly.
  • Detailing of the dialogue should be energetic and enthusiastic.
  • One must take care of his pronunciation, Voice modulation, pause between words and lines and giving proper emphasis where required.
  • One must try to develop good product knowledge, Dosage and other FAQ, it will built yours as well as company IMAGE before the Doctor.

One must have good customer knowledge:

  • Prescription Habit
  • Psychological Profile
  • DOB
  • MAD
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Address of Residence
  • Mobile Number
  • Therapeutic needs

How to Open and Close a Call:

  • Recall the last visit close
  • Dr. We believe “Healthy Life is a Reward” and wish him Healthy Day!
  • Close the call by concluding the benefits of brands and question that assure commitment from the Doctor.
  • Instant Reminder.

Introduction of the Company

Dear Sir,

Cross Berry Pharma is truly Indian Pharmaceutical Company based at Pilani, Rajasthan. All Our Product Are Manufactured, By World Class Manufacturing Facility With WHO:GMP Compliance. We Are In The Advance Stage Of Making Cross Berry A Export Oriented Company With Multi National Presence. Sir, We Assure You For 100% Quality Drugs.

Dear Sir, we need your blessings and support for Cross Berry. I am great believer of luck and I find, the harder I work , the more I have of it.

A final touch: Director’s Message To the Doctor

Dear Sir,

Cross Berry Group Wishes You Healthy And Happy Day Ahead. Cross Berry Literally Means “Cross The Barrier To Achieve Your Goal” And Cross Berry Pharma Sole Theme Is “Above All Serving Huminity” At Cross Berry Pharma We Believe That Doctors Are The Really “Knights” Who Strive Hard To Save The Life Of The Patients, Giving Them Relief From Agony, Pain And Sufferings. Cross Berry Team Salutes Your Spirits And Dedication Towards The Formation of Pain Free And Healthy Society In All Means.

Cross Berry Team As A Organization Is Pledged To Provide High Quality Medicine And Formulation In Order To Become Your Helping Hand On Time. We With Our Modern Medicine Assure You To Provide Prompt Service In Every Situation. Thanks Cross Berry.

To The Team Memebers:

  • One song can spark a moment
  • One tree can start a forest
  • One vote can change the nation
  • One laugh will conquer gloom
  • One step can start a journey
  • One smile begins a friendship
  • One star can guide a ship at sea.
  • One candle wipes out darkness
  • One hope will raise our spirit

Its All Up to You Brothers!

  • Pharma sector is most booming sector as compared to other sectors
  • As a job of Management Trainee, he has to meet only a class of customer, who are highly qualified.
  • He is not only in sales but also keeping health updating to the medical fraternity
  • He is the key person of the company who establish relations between doctor and company.
  • As a key person , he is the centralized person among Company, channel partner[ Chemist, stockist] and doctors.

With Doctor:

Generate Prescription keep update with latest advances medicine Influence Conversing Effective utilization of material

With Company:

key assets of the company follow companies strategies in Proper feedback to the company Give good results Provide proper suggestions

With Chemist:

Ensure proper availability Monitoring Dr wise company wise Sales Analysis of dr's potential vs support Doctors sales data collection

With stockist:

Monitoring of sales Sales and stock analysis Coverage issues Adequate stock updation

To achieve success in your Life, career GROW with CROSS BERRY , fastest growing company.

Best of luck and best wishes.